Our Mission
Our mission is to help
our clients succeed.  
To attain this, our goal
every day is to provide
our clients with a
higher level of quality
service.   We help our
clients stop wasting
money on taxes they
don’t have to pay; we
help businesses make
better decisions; we
help non-profits
improve their ability to
accomplish their
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David C. Murray & Company, Inc.
About Us
1.        Our clients
2.        Our people
3.        Innovation
4.        Leadership
5.        Teamwork
6.        Doing what is right
7.        Success

We believe:
1.        Success begins with better insight.  We help our         
clients make better decisions.  
2.        Timely service and frequent communication with
advisors are of utmost importance in today’s world.  
3.        We are committed to providing our clients               
the service they deserve.  
4.        We can and will provide a level of service that        
is unmatched by any other CPA firm.
5.        Our value will exceed our cost.  

We offer:
1.        Valuable expertise
2.        Up-front pricing
3.        Quick turnaround
4.        The best guarantee in the industry - if our         
clients are not satisfied, they don’t pay us